Cemetery FAQs

What happens to my unused burial spaces after I pass away?2017-05-24T19:27:35-04:00

Your living spouse would become the lot owner.  If your spouse is deceased then living children, grandchildren, and other descendants (heirs) would need to show a Right of Survivorship to determine who controls the unused burial spaces.  We recommend that all burial spaces be included in a Will or Trust so ownership never comes into question.

What if I cannot find the deed to my burial spaces?2017-05-24T19:27:13-04:00

The Cemetery District keeps a copy of deeds on file.  If there was never a deed issued, there are owner cards on file.  Our staff should be able to look up your property in our records.

Can I give my burial spaces to someone else?2017-05-24T19:26:47-04:00

Yes, you may give written notarized permission for someone to be interred in your burial space or you may quitclaim your burial spaces to anyone. You would be relinquishing ownership of the burial spaces to the designated person with a quitclaim.  The Cemetery staff can assist you with getting a notarized quitclaim at no charge.

Will the Cemetery District buy back spaces?2018-05-18T14:56:31-04:00

Yes, you may quitclaim your burial spaces back to the Cemetery District. The Cemetery District will buy spaces back at the original purchase price.  This often happens when someone decides to move somewhere else, or if they have determined they bought more than they need. The Cemetery staff can assist you with getting a notarized quitclaim at no charge.

Can the Cemetery District take back burial spaces?2017-05-24T19:26:04-04:00

Yes, if any unused burial spaces have had no activity for 25 years or longer, the Cemetery District may consider those spaces abandoned. There is a process, regulated by state statute, that the Cemetery District is required to go through before returning the abandoned spaces back into inventory. This is why it is important to keep your contact information current. It is also a very good idea to have burial spaces included in your Will or Trust.

Is there a charge to use the Shelters?2021-05-28T11:51:36-04:00

All renters are required to complete a shelter usage agreement and pay a $200.00 security deposit.

If any shelter is being rented for a funeral and an interment or inurnment will be taking place in a cemetery that is part of Campbell County Cemetery District, there is no additional charge on top of the security deposit.

If any shelter is being rented for a non-funeral event there will be a $50.00 charge Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm and $100.00 in the evenings and weekends. A non-funeral event is defined as a gathering for any reason where no interment or inurnment will be taking place.

The Campbell County Cemetery District has four facilities available for rent.  The Community Rooms at Mount Pisgah host two indoor rooms, the West Hall and East Hall, each with a sound system.  The Inspiration Garden has a large beautiful outdoor shelter with a sound system.  The Unity Garden has an outdoor shelter close to the serene stream.

If you are interested in renting any of our facilities, please call 307-682-3125.


Does the Cemetery set monuments?2017-05-24T19:25:01-04:00

No, the Cemetery staff does not set monuments. But there are specifications on setting monuments. Please see the Operations and Maintenance page for more details.  There is also a Monument Company List with contact information for area monument vendors.

Do I have to use a monument company?2017-05-24T19:24:42-04:00

No.  However, ALL monuments to be set in the cemetery must be approved by the sexton, and meet our specifications exactly.  Cemetery staff will work with you to ensure that your monument and base meet our requirements.  Monuments and bases not meeting our requirements will not be allowed to be set in any cemetery of the district. The district requires that prior to the placement of any monument, notice be given, and the lot will be marked by cemetery staff for precise placement.

What about decorating graves for Memorial Day or other holidays?2017-05-24T19:24:23-04:00

You may decorate any grave at any time. Decorations specific to Memorial Day are allowed out for two weeks.  Christmas decorations are to be removed by March 1st.  Fresh flowers will be removed once they wilt.  If you have a vase or container built into the base of your monument, your decorations may stay as long as you like. Decorations on the ground, or away from the base of the monument are the supervisor’s discretion or if they affect the routine maintenance and grounds keeping duties of staff.  Decorations displaced by wind or other factors will be disposed of by grounds staff.  Check the operations manual links for a complete listing of our policies regarding the decoration of lots.

Can I plant Flowers, Trees, or Shrubs?2017-05-24T19:23:54-04:00

Yes. But they must meet our specifications, and be approved by the Sexton PRIOR to planting.  See the district operations manual regarding the planting of live plants.  No tree will be planted without permission from the Sexton.  The planting of trees is limited to alleys only, and not allowed inside a private lot.  Due to underground utilities, and sprinkler lines, not every lot can accommodate a tree. We make every effort to accommodate tree planting requests, but it is not always possible. Flowers, trees and shrubs are NOT allowed for planting in either cremation garden at Mt. Pisgah.

Is there a special section for Veterans?2017-05-24T19:23:28-04:00

Yes. There is an entire block dedicated for veteran burial or inurnment.  Regulations and qualifications apply. Please contact cemetery staff or the American Legion for further information.

What are all the white crosses for?2017-05-24T19:13:09-04:00

The white crosses mark the grave of any and every veteran interred or inurned in any of our cemeteries.  The cemetery district provides these at no cost.

Does the cemetery require a vault or other outer burial container?2017-05-24T19:12:47-04:00

No. The district does not currently require any kind of container, vault, liner etc.  There is also no State requirement for caskets or coffins. Those decisions are the responsibility of the family making arrangements in accordance with their wishes.

What is a “Green” Burial?2017-05-24T19:12:24-04:00

Green burial is when a casket is not used for burial.

Are the rules different for the Cremation Gardens decorations?2017-05-24T11:26:06-04:00

Yes. See the Gardens policy document on this site for details. Monuments are pre-installed, engraving is included on many of the products with your purchase. The decorations policy is vastly different than the main part of the cemetery. (no glass, lights, statues, permanent decorations, vases, etc.) Temporary decorations may be left for no longer than two weeks. Fresh flowers may stay until they have wilted.

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