Sculpture Walk at Mount Pisgah

Sculpture Walk at Mount Pisgah2021-10-28T11:02:31-04:00

The Campbell County Cemetery District’s Sculpture Program

The Campbell County Cemetery District would like to create a more visually pleasing environment and expand the opportunities for residents and visitors to experience quality works of three-dimensional art at their Mount Pisgah Cemetery, as well as other cemeteries located throughout their district in Campbell County, Wyoming. There are currently 28 sculptures located at Mt. Pisgah Cemetery. They can be enjoyed in person from a vehicle or on a walk through the cemetery. You can also view the image gallery below to view the program in its entirety.

The program:

The district is seeking works of art to be displayed within the Mount Pisgah Cemetery and possibly other locations for a period of one year. During this one-year display period, the selected pieces will be available for purchase by the district, the public, and other interested business and civic organizations. If you are interested in purchasing any of our sculptures, please contact our office for price and availability


If you are interested in making a submission to our annual program, please view or download our artist submission brochure, which contains all the program specifics (submissions, deadlines, requirements, payment etc.)


Video Tour-All Sculptures

Video Tour-2020 Sculpture Submissions

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